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“Sarajevo Tower”Denial by the court expert Senad Pesto, doc. PhD

Web portal received the following denial:  “Request for correction of expression”, received from the court expert in the criminal case “Tower”, Senad Pesto, doc. PhD

The denial is in regards to the text: ‘Sarajevo Tower: New suspicions, a court expert and a judge?’ in which the conflict of interest of court expert doc. PhD Senad Pešto is elaborated, which is published on 17.12.2020 on website.

Below, you can read the integral part of the denial by the court expert Dr Pesta.  

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Sarajevo Tower: Sabina Sarajlija, the chief prosecutor

In the previous text about the “Sarajevo Tower” case we announced that we are going to publish how Mrs Sabina Sarajlija, the chief prosecutor of Sarajevo Canton acted regarding the information that gathered from a witness of the prosecution in the indictment represented by the prosecutor Sanin Bogunic, and from which arises that the prosecutor Bogunic leads a rigged case against the management of the “Smart Invest” – a co-investor in this project.

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Sarajevo Tower: New suspicions, a court expert and a judge?

The judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina is inert and inefficient, but perjury is very organized and efficient.  The reason why the first is inert and the other is quick and agile is connected to the fact that the invisible and powerful hand always “pushes” the latter and its processes.  The “Sarajevo Tower” case is slowly becoming the most complex operation of a perjury in Bosnia and Herzegovina. web site on a weekly basis reports of irregularities and illegalities of the actions of the authorities, but that dynamic of reporting cannot cover all irregularities which arise to the surface, so there is a need for more public reports. 
In this text we are analysing illegal actions of the medical court expert, Senad Pesto MD, PhD and a judge in the criminal procedure against the management of the Smart Invest, Dragan Vukajlovic.

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Sarajevo Tower Key Witness of the Rigged Indictment

At one moment, the editor in chief was contacted on phone by witness of the KS Prosecution in case “Tower”, Mr Jusuf Muhic (called Juka), director of MTH-ARI d.o.o. Sarajevo, requesting the meeting to present his findings.

Representatives of portal had spoken to Mr Jusuf Muhic on a number of occasions, when he reported that everything he had said in court was true, but had not said everything, because no one had asked him.  He told the representatives of the portal that he told the whole truth to the FUP inspector, Zoran Drasko, but the said had not been included in the minutes. On two occasions, he told the same to the prosecutor, Sanin Bogunic, but during the tiral preparation, the prosecutor told him not to talk about it.

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SARAJEVO TOWER: Where is Juka’s money? Part 2

Elmedin Pinjic aka Hodza the manager of Euro Profil commerce reported to FPA on 4 June 2019 that Sedin Halilagic, the director of Sarajevo Tower project, asked from him 200,000BAM of a bribe.  Acting according to the report, FPA collected Pinjic’s statement, which will be a topic on interest furthermore in order to conclude if the authorities “bought the story” of bribe, on 10 July 2019. The Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of Sarajevo Canton and FPA arrested the management of the Smart Invest on 10 July 2019, under accusations that they collected 60,000BAM of a bribe from Hodza, as the first instalment out of the total 200,000BAM. 

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