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Dot on “i”: The BiH Constitutional Court has unraveled a corporate-judicial affair in Mostar (CJA: part 13)

After 12 texts / analyses in the series “Corporate-Judicial Affair” in Mostar and the great interest of the public because of this case, we’re putting a dot on i which is symbolically the title of this text.  We are making an epilogue, not because there is no more material to write, of course there is, but precisely for the reason of not going on indefinitely, we decided to complete this series.

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Net Consulting Sarajevo stopped one of the biggest abuses and risks of corrupt behavior in the judicial community in Bosnia and Herzegovina by writing a series of articles titled “Corporate – Judicial Affair”. Shortly afterward, a Mostar judge (Ms. Nina Ratkušić) tried to justify a year of reluctance through a defamation lawsuit against Net Consulting by “calling out” her fellow judges and associates.

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On April 20, 2020, Net Consulting received a denial from a judge in the Mostar Municipal Court, Ms. Nina Ratkušić, regarding ten articles published by Net Consulting within the series: A Corporate-Judicial Affair in BiH.

In the previous 10 analytical texts, Net Consulting has provided only facts, based on an insight into material documentation, and is guided by the highest ethical standards in its professional work. In any case, in accordance with the principle of democratic and fair treatment of the exchange of arguments in public space, Net Consulting announces the denial of the judge Nina Ratkušić in its entirety.

Read the integral text of Nina Ratkušić’s denial below:

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A word is enough to the wise (CJA: part 9)

This text owes its title “A word is enough to the wise”, to one of the judges in the Municipal court in Mostar, Nina Ratkušić, who in her writing to Net Consulting finished her statement with the phrase: “A word is enough to the wise.” We absolutely agree. This title seemed very effective in that it paints a full picture of the state of affairs in the case presented, a case which we publicly analysed, presenting arguments that prove neglect and unprofessionalism in the conduct of the above-mentioned judge and more generally, by the Court in Mostar. What is more, considering the scandals that burden it almost on a daily basis, this phrase also sums up a correct diagnosis of the state of the entire BiH judiciary.  

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