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Discussion on corruption in the HJPC between Milan Tegeltija, Bojan Bajić and Monika Mijić

Forum for Ethics and Compliance in BiH publishes a transcript of a discussion between Milan Tegeltija (president of the HJPC), Bojan Bajić (president of WEFEC) and Monika Mijić (member of the HJPC), which took place publicly on Facebook. The discussion highlighted major misunderstandings regarding the application of ethical standards in the judiciary, but also different interpretations of the HJPC Law itself, the Rules of Procedure of the Council and the Rulebook on Conflict of Interest.

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Ethical duel in the HJPC: Monika Mijić vs Svetlana Brković

I first heard of Monika Mijić on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, when she gave a statement to the media during the first day of the three-day session of the HJPC. That’s when I found out she was a member of the Council. So, without any knowledge of who that person is and who she represents, I read her following statement:

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