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The Balkan type of fraud on the IT scene in BiH – part six

The lack of ethical and generally acceptable social conduct of the BIT Alliance, in which Board of Directors Partner B still sits, has received the reports of violation of the Code of Ethics in the hostile way and continues to campaign negatively against applicants, as well as the abusive behavior of Partner B following a thwarted attempt of fraud. Partner A decided to publish previously anonymized names in the epilogue of the case.

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Business (non) Ethics and the Slow Judiciary in BiH – part five

The case of unsigned promissory notes between Partner B and Notary, and to the detriment of Partner A, discussed in the previous four sequels, has brought a lot of lessons regarding the general state of business confidence in the market and tested the possibility of legal order in BiH to guarantee contractual business obligations. 

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The Balkan type of fraud on the IT scene in BiH – part four

54 days after the report of violation of the Code of Ethics, countless contradictions and the bureaucratic approach of the BIT Alliance in processing the report, ‘Ethics Company’ and Partner A finally receive formal answers. ‘Ethics Company’s ‘ reply was received by e-mail on 13.08.2019, and by 14.08.2019 the same reply was sent by mail.

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The Balkan type of fraud on the IT scene in BiH – part three

When he realized that Partner B was using the sluggishness of the courts and other jurisdictions, and the fragmentation of the criminal and civil proceedings against him, which probably encouraged Partner B to harm his partners and business associates without much thought, and to make misleading statements before the competent authorities, Partner A decided to protect his reputation and elevate the case to the level of partner B’s ethical misconduct.

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The Balkan type of fraud on the IT scene in BiH – part two

In order to investigate all the consequences of the fraudulent act made by Partner B, Partner A interviewed the deceived Notary, seeking to find out how it could have been possible to deposit unsigned promissory notes in a sealed envelope. The notary admitted he was careless and shocked when he realized the bills were not signed. He stated that Partner B introduced himself as a reputable businessman who came on the recommendation and could not think that he was a fraudster, so this was one of the main reasons for reduced caution.

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