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Legal ignorance or conscious violation of the Law by Tuzla’s Chief Prosecutor

Net Consulting d.o.o. Sarajevo filed a disciplinary complaint against Mr. Tomislav Ljubić, the Chief Prosecutor in Tuzla, for appearing in public in connection with the “Tuzla kvarc” case, which ended with a final acquittal. With his statement, he violated the public’s trust, the credibility of the Tuzla Canton Prosecutor’s Office, but also the basic principles of prosecutorial ethics.

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As a public advocate of a vulnerable party, in cases where different government officials violate laws, expect bribes and gifts, behave unprofessionally and unethically, arrogantly harm the legal and legitimate rights of a third party, protect ‘fellow’ offenders to cover up a case for harming third parties, when they manipulate and intentionally misinterpret laws and regulations, then I approach cases in three stages:

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COD Luna unmasked the allegations of the Tuzla Canton Prosecutor’s Office

What did the Chief Cantonal Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of Tuzla Canton, Tomislav Ljubić, keep silent about at the press conference on ‘Tuzla Quartz’ and the online petition COD Luna held on March 16, 2016? What is behind the accusations and satanization of Tuzla Quartz, the company that reported corruption and the non-governmental organization COD Luna?

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